Education & Learning Management System

We build software to support educational operations and learning activities to optimize progress toward educational and fiscal goals.

Responsive Design

Display well on variety of screen sizes, from mobile to desktop.

Highly Optimized

Manage thousands of students and teachers with high speed but less cost.

Dedicated Solution

Modify to resolve your business problems efficiently.


Repetitive works should be done by machine.

Complete Solution

The powerful and flexible system for all kinds of educational businesses

Can be customized to meet the specific needs of each business. Provides a range of features and tools that can help managing educational programs more efficiently and effectively.
  • Manage student information and learning progress
  • Compose online content, assignments, quizzes and much more
  • Dedicated communication and collaboration tools
  • Visualized analytics and reporting
  • Dedicated system

    We customize and optimize for your own businesses workflow

    Avoid wasted resources and time to study and operate a big platform which have a lot functions that you never touch.
    We will ship only the necessary features which fit your needs and optimized for your workflow.

    The system is modified to focused on managing student information such as register, tuition, attendance, scores, evaluations,... and also tracking teaching performance like lessons evaluation and teachers rating,...

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    Trung Tâm Điểm 10

    Receiving hundreds of applications, the system help easily follow-up the admission process, from registering, validating to dispatching bulk email, SMS notifications and tracking tuition and profile status.

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    Trường Phổ Thông FPT

    The system serve thousands of students that study by online course content including texts, videos, SCORM, quizzes, assignments,... It also provides rich aggregated reports of learning progress and then synchronize the results with university SIS.

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    WooSong University

    Getting Started

    Three Steps of Evolution

    Research & Analysis

    Listen to your business problems, go through your current workflow, get understanding of the context and evaluate related factors.

    Establish Solution

    Based on the research results we propose dedicated solutions which is best fit to your business needs.


    Finalize the solution and start development, meanwhile continuously collecting feedbacks and perform improvement.

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